10 sustainable clothing brands that put the planet first

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful in the world, and that’s where sustainable clothing brands come in.

Fast fashion is responsible for around a third of all microplastics found in the ocean and produces 20% of the world’s water waste. Additionally, 85% of all textiles end up in landfills every year, and poor working conditions and shipping (and return!) emissions abound.

But the fact remains: we love to shop. Luckily, in addition to an endless menu of thrift stores, some of the brands we love the most strive to deliver on sustainability promises, putting their materials, production processes, shipping methods and workers to the test. foreground.

Read on to discover 10 sustainable clothing brands that are championing change in the fashion industry and improving our closets and the planet in the process.

We’ll continue to update this list with ethical fashion brands over time.

10 sustainable clothing brands to buy now


Why we love it: Since its creation, Cuyana is on a mission to create products responsibly. The brand only makes what it thinks it can sell, which has seen Cuyana sell 90% of its inventory each time it launches (even with sustainable apparel brands, the industry average is around 60-70% ).

As for its suppliers, Cuyana’s global supply chain consists of artisans from Italy to Ecuador. These talented experts make it a point to responsibly source all fabrics and leathers used in Cuyana products. In 2020, Cuyana is committed to achieving 100% sustainability by 2022and he has officially achieved that goal.

Cuyana shop:

Ruffle top$168

sustainable clothing brands

Wide linen pants$178

2. Girlfriend Collective

collective of girlfriends of sustainable clothing brands

Why we love it: girlfriend collective set out to minimize its footprint in the ever-expanding sportswear industry. Only 1% of used clothes are recycled worldwide, but with Girlfriend’s Recycle.Reuse.Regirlfriend. program, the brand aims to change that. Customers can return second-hand sports bras, leggings and shorts to the brand, where these items are recycled into new products.

Girlfriend Collective’s factory is SA8000 certified, meaning the operation adheres to strict regulations that keep factory workers well paid, safe and healthy. Finally, the Girlfriend recycled fabric is also certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Girlfriend Collective Store:

Pleated club skort$62

Twist Unitard$88

3. Everlane

everlane sustainable clothing brands

Why we love it: Everlane has built its brand around radical transparency, sharing production details from the start. Its ethical supply chain focuses on making high-quality garments that last a long time and have a minor impact on the planet, reducing waste, chemicals and plastics that can be harmful both to its workers and to the environment.

“We started by measuring our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (following the Science-Based Targets Initiative) to understand our impact and develop a reduction plan aligned with what current science is telling us,” reads Everlane’s mission statement. To further reduce its carbon footprint, Everlane has committed to reducing carbon emissions per product by 55% by 2030, reducing absolute emissions in its stores and corporate headquarters by 46% by 2030, and reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

Everlane Store:

Textured cotton crew$100

baggy jeans$82

4. Unknown

outerknown sustainable clothing brands

Why we love it: Unknown wants to make durable clothes that last a lifetime. The brand is Fair Trade certified and has a Fair Labor Association certification, which means that its processes and employees are the first priority in sustainability efforts.

Thanks to Outerknown’s efforts, more than 1,300 garments have been kept out of landfills and more than 7,000 workers are supported by Fair Trade USA, and the brand is committed to achieving a full report sustainable development goals by 2030. Shoppers also have the option of choosing used clothing alongside new when browsing its site.

Outerknown Store:

Blanket shirt dress$168

Regan Slip Skirt$148

5. Reform

Why we love it: Since its launch, Reformation has expressed its desire to produce sustainable, inclusive and avant-garde fashion pieces. In reality, Reformation sends out sustainability reports on a quarterly basis so his community can track progress together. (Reports as far as 2016 are also available for reading on his website.)

Reform RefScale the initiative tracks its carbon footprint by calculating carbon dioxide emitted and liters of water used, as well as waste generated, comparing these learnings with other US-based brands

Shop reform:

Two-piece roan$248

sustainable clothing brands

Kaye silk dress$278

6. Pangea

pangaia sustainable clothing brands

Why we love it: Although comfortable in our list of sustainable clothing brands, pangea describes itself as a materials science company. Its colorful and current clothes are made with biosourced fibers, vegetable fiberstechnical fabrics, recycled materials and responsibly produced animal fibers.

Pangaia Store:

Sports leggings 2.0$95

Long-sleeved cropped shirt$75

7. Etica

etica sustainable clothing brands

Why we love it: Transparency and corporate responsibility are top priorities for Eticawith information about its fair labor practices and certifications available for all to read. The brand too ethical sources all materials and takes into account all aspects of the life cycle of each garment.

And, through its equipmentÉtica is able to reduce water consumption by 90%, energy consumption by 63% and the use of chemical products by 70% compared to industry standards.

Etica store:

Tyler ripped straight jeans$109

Josie high-rise cropped jeans$195

8. Sezane

Why we love it: Sezane is a B Corp, and its parts are also GOTS, OEKO-TEX, FSC, RWS and RMS certified. On the 21st of every month, Sézane donates 10% of its global sales and 100% of the proceeds of a dedicated design to programs that support access to education and equal opportunity for children around the world.

Sezane shop:

LouLou pants$180

sustainable clothing brands

Colette shirt$100

9. Re/Done

Why we love it: Re/Done started by recycling vintage Levi’s into more modern denim styles, to extend the life of the fabric. Next is cotton: Since 2016, Re/Done has partnered with Hanes to bring shoppers classic organic cotton t-shirts, track pants and sweatshirts.

Today, Re/Done maintains that commitment to its production and sourcing with low water content denim, recycled materials and handmade pieces.

Buy Re/Done below:

70s sweater jacket$525

70s loose flare jeans$375

10. Cleobella

sustainable clothing brands cleobella

Why we love it: Cleobella favors heritage styles over whimsical fast fashion. Over the past 14 years, its founders have met artisans from across Southeast Asia in Bali and India to ensure low-waste materials are used. in all from its trims to closures, threads, labels and hangtags.

Cleobella shop:

Cecilia Ankle Dress$298

Celeste midi dress$328

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