11 sustainable clothing brands that put the planet first

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful in the world, and that’s where sustainable clothing brands come in.
fast mode is responsible for about a third of all microplastics found in the ocean and produces 20% of the world’s water waste. Additionally, 85% of all textiles end up in landfills each year, and poor working conditions and transportation emissions (and those of the returns!) abound.
But the fact remains: we love to shop. Fortunately, with an endless menu of thrift storessome of the brands we love the most strive to deliver on their sustainability promises, prioritizing their materials, production processes, shipping methods and workers.

Read on to discover 11 sustainable clothing brands that are championing change in the fashion industry and improving our closets and the planet in the process.

11 sustainable clothing brands to buy now


Why we love it: Since its creation, Cuyana is on a mission to create products responsibly. The brand only makes what it thinks it can sell, which has seen Cuyana sell 90% of its inventory each time it launches (even with sustainable clothing brands, the industry average is around 60-70% ).
As for its suppliers, Cuyana’s global supply chain consists of artisans from Italy to Ecuador. These talented experts make it a point to responsibly source all fabrics and leathers used in Cuyana products. In 2020, Cuyana is committed to achieving 100% sustainability by 2022and he has officially achieved that goal.

Michael O. Stutler