14 Stylish and Neutral Clothing Brands for Kids

In an age that champions self-expression, assigning blue and pink onesies to babies at birth seems a bit old-fashioned. As there is a move away from the idea that action figures are only for boys and tutus for girls, the loosening of gender stereotypes calls for children’s clothing brands to follow suit.

Until recently, companies didn’t pay much attention to creating unisex clothing, with most of them clinging to the traditional roles that clothing often plays. And while some little girls may still gravitate towards frilly dresses, it’s time to make room for those who prefer a sporty tracksuit or loose sweatshirts. And the same goes for little boys – if he’s drawn to peach and blush shades, it’s time to offer a wider range of options.

Fortunately, a new generation of gender-neutral baby clothing brands is making it easier for parents and kids to choose based on style (not convention). The best part? Clothing and accessories are carefully designed (often made with sustainably or organically-sourced materials) and durable enough to stand the test of playtime or be passed down to younger siblings or friends, whatever whatever their sex. Scroll down for our roundup of some of the best kids’ clothing brands to buy right now.

Petit Bateau: a French classic that never gets old

You may remember this classic French line from your own youth, which just goes to show just how timeless it truly is. Founded in 1893, this legacy brand has continued to be a beloved choice among moms in the United States and abroad for its sweet styles that feel Parisian to the core. Unisex sherpa gilets, jacquard jumpsuits and quilted cardigans join the brand’s signature striped jumpsuit as the ultimate baby shower gift for a newborn boy or girl. But yes.

Primary: bright clothes for a colorful life

With particular attention toyou guessed it – bold primary hues, this company is built around the idea that boys and girls shouldn’t be relegated to traditional gender-based colors, and that quality should be priceless. The mission is to create a slogan-less brand that’s sweet, sustainable and fun to boot. We love the pajama section that promotes family unity through matching sleep sets (there’s even a puppy one). Whether you feel like kelly green, cherry red or rainbow, everyone here celebrates the color of their choice.

Nununu: for the child who walks at his own pace

Stars, skulls and ninjas are the cornerstones of Nununu’s versatile loungewear. Highly interchangeable harem pants and zip-up hoodies have a rocker edge that will give your child a stylish leg up on the playground. playful winter.

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My Heart: Lasting Separated

Made in Portugal, Mon Coeur’s commitment to sustainability and zero waste is unmatched. With most garments made from reclaimed organic cotton fibers, the woven labels and in-built decorative embroidery are made from recycled plastic bottles, while the zippers are sourced from post-consumer recycled yarn. And the line’s look is purely eco-hip (think patch hoodies and “Earth Loving” denim that siblings can freely share).

Mini Rodini: the Cool Kid brand that even parents covet

This whimsical Swedish children’s collection is the fashion darling of hipster parents everywhere. With a focus on funky prints and playful layering, kids are encouraged to get creative when choosing their own outfit. Unisex styles come in the form of faux fur aviators, UFO sweatshirts and terry tracksuits that are all so cool you’ll want everything in your size.

Bobo Choses: brilliant, audacious and avant-garde

Trendy parents (and kids) flock to this eternally cool Barcelona brand that offers everything from bold printed confetti sweaters to quilted joggers with tons of unisex accessories in the mix (including belt pouches and bucket hats adorned with fun sayings). Known for using bright colors and lots of it, Bobo Choses is the ultimate go-to for fun family photo shoots and making a splash at gatherings. Added bonus: adults can get in on the action with the line’s equally stylish adult collection.

Finn and Emma: adorable unisex prints

While there are traditional boys’ and girls’ sections on their site, maverick parents will love Finn and Emma’s dedicated “Gender Neutral” baby section for its jungle prints, graphic tees and buttery cuffed leggings. . The line is no-frills but not basic, meaning there’s a silly saying for every mood. We also love the range of playful little masks, a mark of a modern brand.

Nico Nico: timeless style meets comfort

Designed and produced in downtown Los Angeles, Nico Nico is the brand SoCal moms turn to for its heavenly palette, flowing shapes and next-level comfort for little ones eager to play. Known for its neutral basics like harem pants and wool sweaters, this collection is really for parents who value style as much as ease. And with dreamy shades like Thyme, Avocado and Thunder, it’s easy to get drawn into the brand’s magical little world.

Bash + Sass: clothing with a social conscience

Minimalist moms will love this neutral line of comfy playwear. Each new collection focuses on a “meaningful monster” that embodies a social value that resonates with the core of the brand. Whether the theme is Boom, a monster that exudes confidence or Bae, an empathetic superhero, these clothes are not only playful enough for the park, but an opportunity to talk to your little one about feelings and emotions.

Lali: a heritage brand

Lali, which means ‘little darling’ in Hindi, reflects the designer’s Indian upbringing, drawing inspiration from brightly colored silk sarees and fabric boutiques. The brand’s current season’s fall palette, in tones like evergreen and brown, fits perfectly into boys’ and girls’ closets. We love the reversible quilted cabin jackets and patchwork pants for chilly rides while waiting at a holiday park.

Omamimini: California Cool with a wintry twist

Quilted puffy vests and corduroy overalls are mainstays of this LA-centric brand that fuses Hollywood glamor with Topanga Canyon cool. Little boys and girls will look Cali-cool in her polka dot sweatshirts and plaid harem pants perfect for strolling around town. Older kids can layer work shirts or terrycloth hoodies over t-shirts in the colder months, while a quilted bucket hat is a standout accessory for kids embracing their own style right off the bat. .

Moi No: sporty with a creative touch

Sure, mini basketball jerseys are cute, but Turkish brand Moi Noi celebrates the sporty kid in a whole new way. Asymmetric tracksuits, plaid button-up shirts and diagonal zip jumpsuits will summon boys and girls to their favorite playground (whether it’s tree climbing, skateboarding or rock wall climbing of the playground).

Monica and Andy: classic and cozy styles

Imagined in the delivery room when the brand’s founder was determined to create the safest fabrics for her newborn daughter, this collection is both organic and GOTS certified. Along with the cozy “groove pants” and basic hoodies, we can’t get enough of the unisex grandpa cardigan that looks like a real throwback. Pair it with the brand’s Brooklyn skinnies when you want baby to represent the best of old and new.

Lovely Littles: neutrals that are far from boring

Choosing a pink or blue jumpsuit for a friend’s newborn is a thing of the past, with Lovely Littles’ gorgeous dusty palette of rust, oats, slate and bone. This enduring collection includes everything from ribbed hats in cider tones to leggings in floral prints. Tiny bloomers and beanies round out the collection for a unique gender-neutral baby gift.

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