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Good web design has visual weight, is optimized for various devices, and has priority content for support. The most important elements of a web page should have more visual weight to “attract naturally” the attention of a visitor.

Good design makes something intelligible and memorable. Good design is about doing something memorable and meaningful.

Dieter Rams

Most users are looking for something interesting (or useful) and clickable; as soon as promising candidates are found, users click. If the new page does not meet user expectations, the back button.

A good website should be easy to navigate

Not all websites are equal. Some websites are simple, logical and easy to use. Others are a messy hodgepodge of pages and links.

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Without website navigation, your visitors can’t figure out how to find your blog, email signup page, product listings, prices, contact information, or help documents.

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Quick and easy access to the content they are looking for is more important to your website users than a… visually stunning design.

Poor navigation is a particularly common problem. We’ve all struggled to find things on disorganized websites with no logical structure. It’s hopeless.

Using “large complex images”. Since a carousel typically contains a lot of image messages, large complex images result in poor performance and “slow loading rate” sites, in particular.

Create visual rhythms in your layouts

In design, rhythm is created by simply repeating elements in predictable patterns. This repetition is a natural thing that happens all over our world. As people, we are motivated every day.

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One of the best ways to use repetition and rhythm in web design is in the site navigation menu. A consistent, easy-to-follow template (color, layout, etc.) gives users a .

Elements that can help with the visual composition of the website

Nobody likes looking at an ugly web page. Garish colors, cluttered images and distracting animations can all turn customers “stopped” and send them shopping “somewhere else”. Basic composition rules to create more effective:

  • Direct the gaze with Guidelines
  • Balance your elements
  • Use items that To complement each other
  • Be clear about your “focal points” and where you place them

Dive into UX and UI design

UX and UI: Two terms that are often used interchangeably, but actually mean very different things. So what exactly is the difference?

Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.

Massimo Vignelli

UX design refers to the term “user experience design”while UI means “User interface design. Both elements are crucial for a product and work closely together. But despite their relationship, the roles themselves are quite different.

Ensure interactive elements are easy to identify

Good design guides the user by communicating purpose and priority. For this reason, every part of the design should be based on a informed decision” rather than an arbitrary result of personal taste or current trend.

Break down the barriers

Design is not the ultimate solution to all the world’s problems – but with the right thought and application, it can certainly be a good start to start tackling them.

Michael O. Stutler