20 Best Dad Clothing Brands

“Dad” style has been on the rise for a few years now, especially 90s dad fashion which is now being embraced by current streetwear trends. From faded high-waisted jeans to chunky vintage sneakers to fancy sweaters, these items have become increasingly popular because they’re synonymous with laid-back luxury guaranteed to make you look cool without even “trying on”. Dad fashion is very versatile, as there is a huge selection of clothes to suit this particular look.

Whether it was ‘Full House’ Danny Tanner who sparked the appeal of colorful windbreakers, or it was Uncle Phil who sparked your obsession with baggy sweater vests, although they’re not on our silver screens for quite some time, they could be fashion icons today. Not even Timothee Chalamet or ASAP Rocky could keep up with them.

So whether you’re looking for simple basics, funky golfwear or Steve Job-style turtlenecks, we’ve carefully selected a range of brands embracing the dad aesthetic. These brands will undoubtedly give you an effortlessly cool look.

Michael O. Stutler