5 Ethical Kids Clothing Brands You Wish You Discovered Sooner

Convenience is an easy trap when it comes to children’s clothing – why not opt ​​for fast fashion options while shopping for basics at the local big box retailer? For some parents, however, the answer is a resounding no. Fast fashion is not sustainable and clothes that are well made and can be passed down between siblings or friends have a lighter impact on the environment. Mix ethical production practices and a growing number of families are committing to buying more eco-friendly clothes for their children with a preference for organic and non-toxic fabrics. Still, the question lingers: which companies are the best when it comes to sustainable children’s clothing? Here are some of the best ethically made kids’ clothing brands in 2022.


Boden offers clothes for everyone in the family, but its children’s clothes shine as truly unique and heirloom-worthy (or just perfect to pass down to siblings, cousins, and friends). Children’s clothing lines celebrate the playful nature of childhood with bright patterns and fun animal themes. The brand is committed to 100% of its cotton being sustainably sourced by 2023 and uses ethical mill practices with a mission to help end modern slavery and human trafficking humans. Boden is committed to transparency in its production process and monitors the 150 factories worldwide where its products are made.


powerfully sells a wide range of comfortable children’s clothing made from fair trade certified organic cotton. Prints range from plains and fun patterns to tie-dye and animal prints, always popular in children’s fashion. Organic cotton is good for children and the planet because it contains no chemicals. Mightly sources its cotton from the Chetna Organic Farmers Association in India, a non-profit organization run by small-scale farmers in an area that receives enough rain to help reduce the water needs of growing cotton. To top it off, growing its cotton is regenerative for the land.

Bird of Fire

Scroll Fire Bird children’s clothing is minimalist, modern and elegant. The styles are largely gender neutral, which simplifies the buying process. The San Francisco-based company produces its garments in small batches in the United States using GOTS-certified organic cotton. Consumers can also resell used Firebird clothing to the company to keep the pieces alive for future wearers, helping to minimize the common wastage problem of children’s fashion.

Hanna Anderson

In many parenting circles, Hanna Anderson is well known for its sustainable organic cotton children’s clothing that can be easily passed between children. Hanna Andersson’s pajamas are particularly popular as they come in a variety of attractive prints and stand the test of many washes. The Swedish company has existed since 1983 with a strong transmission philosophy. Hanna Andersson uses GOTS certified organic cotton and fair trade production practices.


Pact also uses GOTs certified organic cotton. The company offers options for the whole family and offers pieces that are durable, simple and timeless. Children’s prints are fun yet classic with plenty of unisex options that could be shared well between siblings of any gender. Pact manufactures its clothing in fair trade factories.

Michael O. Stutler