aepc: Apparel industry will pull out all the stops to meet $20 billion export target : AEPC

The garment industry will do all it can to meet the export target of $20 billion this fiscal year, the Garment Export Promotion Council (AEPC) said on Thursday. AEPC President Narendra Goenka has called on the government to calibrate cotton yarn exports and immediately reduce the export benefit on India’s cotton and cotton yarn exports.

The apparel industry wants to reiterate its demand for immediate action to control cotton yarn prices which have risen 125% in the past 18 months, he said.

“We call on the government to intermittently impose a ban on cotton exports for a few months to ensure industry availability as an immediate measure,” he added.

He also said that the formation of a textile advisory group by the government will act as an active interface between the various stakeholders in the textile value chain, in addition to alarming and mitigating crisis like stockpiling. raw materials, increase productivity and contain inflation.

“This is another stepping stone to help the industry, we are sure this step will help bridge the gap between cotton production and consumption and ensure long-term security of raw materials,” said Goenka.

Appreciating the government’s decision to mitigate the crisis through the Textiles Advisory Group, the AEPC President said the body will look into issues related to productivity, be it good seed quality, the introduction of new varieties, crop insurance for farmers and the use of technology in agricultural optimization and production. management, water availability, arability for cultivation.

Michael O. Stutler