All NBA 2K23 Apparel Brands

With NBA 2K23 less than a week away, 2K is revealing all the different brands of outfits players can customize their MyPlayers with. Here are all the NBA 2K23 apparel brands.


  1. Adidas
  2. Canadian Arctic Goose Program
  3. Converse
  4. Jordan
  5. Mitchell & Ness
  6. New Balance
  7. New era
  8. Nike
  9. Puma
  10. Wilson
  11. under protection
  12. Tissot
  13. state farm
  14. tuff crowd
  15. 100 thieves
  16. 2H set
  17. ace
  18. After school special
  19. Authmade
  20. Billionaire Boys Club
  21. Launderer’s report
  22. Born x high
  23. Circulate
  24. Crocodile
  25. Sun Mak
  26. Eastern Golf
  27. Felt
  28. GLD
  29. Gallery Department
  30. grumpy gentlemen
  31. Tribute
  32. Hyperfly
  33. Slide
  34. Jeff Hamilton
  35. Just Don
  36. Last heavy
  37. Marathon clothing
  38. ME.
  39. OVO
  40. palm angels
  41. Patta
  42. Professional standard
  43. slam
  44. Uniquely
  45. Selection
  46. Stay calm
  47. three four two

At launch, NBA 2K23 will have 47 different brands of apparel and outfits. New brands would be added to the starting roster in previous NBA 2K episodes throughout the season. It is expected that this new year of 2K will always keep these same traditions.

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