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One of the best ways to stay environmentally friendly is to make sense and sustainable approach to the clothes we choose to buy and wear.

It can be too easy to put on our raincoats and go hiking, not worrying about the use of harmful materials like PFCs, or to take a backpack that has been manufactured with no regard for animal welfare. .

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of sustainable clothing brands below and outlined their eco-friendly credentials.

We’ve also selected individual products so you can wrap yourself warm this winter while doing your part for the planet.

Sustainable clothing brands


Patagonia has made sustainability central to its brand, announcing that 87% of its range is made from recycled materials. There’s also its infamous rock-solid guarantee to return any item you’re unhappy with or repair it for a reasonable price, which means Patagonia’s products last longer and go further.

Patagonia Men's Torrentshell 3l JKT Jacket

Its range includes the Torrentshell 3l JKT jacket, made from 100% recycled waterproof fabrics, so you can stay warm and dry on your next hike, knowing you’re doing your part for the planet.

The jacket has three breathable layers to prevent overheating, held together by Fair Trade Certified™ stitching. There should also be plenty of features, including zipped pockets that should keep your hands warm and an adjustable hood with a drawstring and hook design to keep the rain at bay.

Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin Logo

Jack Wolfkin is durable outlook includes producing products that reject the use of fur and angora wool, outright banning PFCs (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals) while embracing recycled materials, helping us enjoy the great outdoors without it cause damage.

The brand is careful about how it sources its leather, using natural by-products from the food industry and ensuring that no endangered or threatened species are used.


That means the VOJO 3 Texapore MID women’s hiking shoes are a durable option for your next trip. Both breathable and rugged, they feature a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry and reliable tread on the outsole to keep you stable on slippery terrain.


Deuter logo

Member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Deuter also meets the Responsible Down Standard, which means that they only use certified feathers to ensure animal welfare. In 2020, Deuter also became PFC-free, which means that its water-repellent coatings rely solely on renewable materials.

Deuter Futura 23L backpack

So if you are looking for a reliable and eco-friendly hiking backpack, the Futura 23L may be the right sustainable choice for you.

Boasting 25% less sweat thanks to their newly styled mesh that promotes airflow, this is a lightweight bag at 1200g. It has a capacity of 23L as well as plenty of pockets and loops, to store your walking stick or anything else you might need.


VAUDE logo

With the goal to make its products climate-neutral from 2022, VAUDE has made sustainability its mission. The brand has a specificity green form range of environmentally friendly products, made from sustainable materials under fair working conditions.

VAUDE - TH Wool Socks Long - Walking socks

This line includes their TH long walking socks which are made from a blend of wool and synthetic fibers. With extra toe and heel padding, you can stay comfortable and protect your feet while helping save the planet.


tentree logo

Tentee’s ethos is very simple: for each product you buy in its range, it will plant 10 trees. The goal is to plant 1 billion by 2030 to combat climate change, and the tentree are on track, with 67,107,532 planted so far.

tentree Kurt Embroidered Beanie

You can help be part of this project by investing in their embroidered kurt beanie. Made from responsibly sourced organic cotton, this casual cuffless hat should warm your heart while warming your ears on those freezing winter walks.


Hilltrek Logo

As part of its long-term sustainability plan, Hilltrek introduced its Organic Ventile® line in 2019 which uses organic cotton fibers that do not rely on synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides to grow and consume little water in the process.

Blaven Bio Hybrid Ventile Pants

This collection includes the Blaven Organic Hybrid Ventile Pants which offer durability and breathability, with fibers that expand when they come into contact with water to prevent it from passing through, and best of all, they are PFC-free.

With the fabric’s limited rustling noise, this would be a great choice for wildlife photographers or birdwatchers, as there’s a reduced risk of startling the animals you’re observing.

These pants have plenty of storage space, including zipped pockets for added security, additional back pockets and front hand warmer pockets.


Paramo logo

Based on ethics social development and environmental protection, Paramo’s goal is to produce high quality waterproof garments without sacrificing the planet.

Part of its strategy is to support conservation, maintain its Paramo recycling program, and eliminate PFC treatments from its products and supply chain.

Women's Pajaro Waterproof Jacket

You can support this sustainability project by investing in the Pajaro Women’s Jacket which should not only be weather resistant, but also light and comfortable to wear.

There’s a two-way zip as well as an internal storm flap to protect you from high winds, with upper arm vents to ensure it’s always breathable. It also includes removable foam inserts at the shoulders as well as a roll-up hood, allowing you to shape the jacket for whatever climate you face.


Smart wool logo

Smartwool says he wants to help others enjoy the outdoors, but he also wants protect this for future generations. It does this by aiming to ensure that the garments supplied by Smartwool have sustainability at their core, using responsibly sourced wool.

By partnering with ZQ Merino to protect merino sheep, the brand uses recycled wool fibers whenever possible.

Smartwool Merino Mens neck warmer on white background

The men’s merino neck warmer, for example, is made from 100% merino wool, with a tight, interwoven knit to keep the cold out, while ensuring good breathability.

Keeping you warm and dry by protecting you from wind and rain, merino wool should also create a snug and comfortable fit, moving sweat away from the body so you don’t overheat for a long time.

Designed with subtle, clean stitching to prevent bulky areas from sticking out and making you uncomfortable, this odor-resistant stove is 26.5 centimeters long.


Finisterre logo

With particular attention to durability Since 2003, Finisterre has assumed its responsibility to create a range of clothing that protects our oceans, choosing materials that produce the least environmental impact.

These include organic cotton which rejects GMOs and pesticides, recycled polyester and wool which has been selected for its sustainable and biodegradable properties.

Horseman Mora on white background

One of its best-selling sweaters, the Mora, was made in a fisherman’s knit made from 80% wool. It aims to keep you warm on those coastal walks using twice the yarn of a plain knit sweater, without feeling too heavy or overheating.

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