Best workout clothes brands on Amazon, according to TikTok

  • TikTok is a valuable source for product rec, especially when shopping for new workout clothes.
  • We’ve sorted TikToks trends for the highest quality fitness brands you can buy on Amazon.
  • Of each, you’re bound to find a must-have that rivals high-end sportswear — all under $75.

People are making shopping easier, one TikTok at a time. Whichever facet of TikTok your algorithm ranks you in, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across your fair share of fitness apparel recommendations found exclusively on Amazon. Recommendations like this have inspired shopping trends like viral “booty leggings,” and that’s got us duped into high-performing sportswear styles for much, much less.

To help you sort out which brands real people on TikTok rave about the most — and which of those raves are real, not sneakily paid reviews — we’ve combed through tons of videos in addition to spreading the best posts via FakeSpot. . Here are the most notable and trusted Amazon fitness labels deemed worthy by multiple influencers and TikTok users.

A note on sizing: Unfortunately, there is less size inclusiveness of fitness brands on Amazon. Most of the labels on this list only offer styles in XXS-XXL. If you’re looking for a better range of sizes, we recommend Torrid or Lane Bryant for affordable plus size sportswear. Lane Bryant’s LIVI Active Sports Bra is a favorite and one of our top picks.

Where to buy fitness apparel on Amazon:

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