BGMEA urges ILO to seek ethical pricing for clothing items in global forums

Leaders of the country’s apparel sector have urged the International Labor Organization (ILO) to push for ethical pricing of apparel items in different global forums for a sustainable industry.

They made the call when a visiting Bangladeshi delegation made up of employers including the Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF), the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and the Association of Manufacturers and Bangladesh Knitwear Exporters (BKMEA), met with ILO Director General Guy Ryder at ILO Headquarters. in Geneva on Tuesday, according to a statement.

Speaking at the meeting, BGMEA President Faruque Hassan highlighted the need for fair prices to make the garment industry more sustainable, which positively impacts the welfare of garment workers.

Production costs in apparel manufacturing have increased due to higher prices for yarn, chemicals and other raw materials in the global supply chain and shipping costs, but prices offered by buyers do not reflect reality and rationality, he said.

BEF Chairman Ardashir Kabir, BKMEA Executive Chairman Mohammad Hatem, Chairman of BGMEA Standing Committee on ILO Issue ANM Saifuddin and BEF General Secretary Farooq Ahmed were also present at the meeting.

The delegation briefed the ILO Director-General on the current situation of the garment industry in Bangladesh, its challenges and opportunities, the statement added.

They also highlighted how Bangladesh’s RMG industry has gone through tangible transformation in the areas of workplace safety, labor standards and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to these achievements, Bangladesh has earned global accolades and recognition as one of the safe and ethical clothing sourcing destinations in the world, they said.

The delegation asked the Director-General of the ILO to insist on the issue of ethical prices in global forums.

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Michael O. Stutler