Cleveland Fully Promoted acquires Garment Specialties

Cristina and Fernando Bertero, owners of the Fully promoted franchise in the Greater West Cleveland area, have acquired Garment Specialties, a 35-year-old company selling apparel and embellished products. The purchase is expected to double sales and expand the franchise’s reach from the Cleveland area to a new geographic area (Southeast Cleveland) and an additional niche market.

The purchase was facilitated by a broker from Transworld Business Advisors (TBA), a franchise company which, like Fully Promoted, is part of the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of affiliated brands. Mike Brugger, president of the Fully Promoted brand, was personally involved in the transaction.

“We are excited to serve an expanded geographic area while providing enhanced services to a brand new customer base,” said Fernando Bertero. “We are also grateful to our colleagues at Transworld Business Advisors and the team at United Franchise Group who offered their support and guidance in bringing this transaction to fruition. Our broker at TBA was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and Mike Brugger was an invaluable resource.”

Based in Twinsburg, Ohio, Garment Specialties sells a wide variety of apparel and decorated products, including embroidery, screen printing, uniform patches and more. It also has special niche offerings for police, fire and emergency personnel, as well as tactical and armored protective gear, a market Fully Promoted has yet to enter.

From left to right: Mike Colabianchi, Christy Schumacher, Cristina Bertero, Jacky Anderson, Fernando Bertero, Tim Brown.

The acquisition also benefits the Garment Specialties location by adding promotional items, trade show materials, signage and paper printing to its product portfolio. Both locations will be able to reduce costs by consolidating production into one location.

“We congratulate Fernando and Cristina on a smart acquisition that delivers unparalleled products and services to customers,” said Brugger. “It’s exciting to see them bring the Fully Promoted experience to thousands of new customers. As Fully Promoted grows and continues to open new locations, we have the opportunity to showcase our success to existing businesses and distributors. experienced.”

Garment Specialties will retain its name while transitioning to Fully Promoted over the next year. Cristina Bertero will continue to lead the fully promoted Cleveland West franchise site and Fernando Bertero will oversee the new site and its expansion.

Source: Fully Promoted

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Michael O. Stutler