Francisca Eleyele’s “A White Garment Experience” to World Premiere in Texas

Nigerian filmmaker, Francisca Eleyele’s ‘A White Garment Experience’ has been confirmed for a world premiere in Texas.

The documentary on the famous Nigerian Christian denomination Cherubim and Serephim explores the role and representation of the church in the media.

Narrated by actor Okey Uzoeshi, a non-member, the documentary follows an “insightful white garment story from a place of genuine truth, bringing to light some errors and exploring the journey of the Churches of Aladura from the beginning”.

Interviews from ‘A White Garment Experiment.’

Speaking about the documentary, Francisca Eleyele who directed the film said how open-mindedness helped create the magic.

“I wanted to try as much as possible to balance the scales in telling the story of the White Garment Experience. As a non-church member, it was imperative that I keep an open mind and tell it as factual and interesting as possible.

“Talking to other ‘Nollywooders’ about their perspective and some representations of the church in our films was quite interesting as we always make the churches of Aladura the butt of the joke in Nollywood. It was definitely an eye opener for everyone who worked on this project and being able to experience some things first hand was quite refreshing I’m really excited to share this work with the world my DOP Nora Awolowo understood the mission and I’m thrilled with the work that Adam Songbird, ID Tones and Israel Classic made with the original soundtracks.

The documentary, “A White Garment Experience”, which was filmed in Dallas, Texas, Ikare, Lagos and other locations, also features directors ID Cabasa, Bimbo Akintola and Niyi Akinmolayan. Its world debut in November 2022 at the Irving Center in Texas has been scheduled.

Michael O. Stutler