Garment factory with 2,000 direct jobs ready 2022-Kwara Gov

Kwara Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq said the state garment factory will be commissioned in 2022 with take-off capacity to hire 2,000 direct workers.

Speaking to dozens of APC youths, progressive social media influencers and some online news publishers over the weekend, the governor said the idea was to make Kwara a hub for clothing production, which can
benefit from the United States African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and other economic benefits.

The governor added that other administration projects such as Visual Arts Center, Adeta Yebumot Road, Ilesha Gwanara and Osi-Obbo-Aiyegunle Road, General Tunde Idiagbon Bridge among others will also be completed during the fourth quarter of the year.

He explained that the N27.2 billion bond that the administration has taken is deployed for what it is supposed to be, adding that the private bond is governed by very strict rules that protect the public interest. and prohibit any form of mismanagement.

The governor said the delay in issuing bonds last year and inflation trends have both affected the pace of projects, although challenges are being overcome.

AbdulRazaq, however, said that the administration has completed several projects and implemented many programs with great impacts across the state, adding that he hardly believes that commissioning or flagging projects is synonymous with good. governance, as some Nigerians may seem to believe.

The administration has had a huge impact on people’s lives in various sectors like health, water, social safety nets, business support, education, gender inclusion and youth empowerment , and rural urban development, said AbdulRazaq.

The governor said the administration was building 39 digital literacy centers in Kwara State in partnership with UBEC – apart from the innovation center which he said would also be inaugurated later this year.

AbdulRazaq also said that current officials are making huge sacrifices in the service of the state as the era of flamboyance is over due to the need to rebuild the state and channel resources towards a greater good.

The Governor commended the participants for their support, fair criticism and representation, and understanding over the years.

Participants included some members of the Kwara Online Publishers Association of Nigeria; Kwara APC New Media Team; Kwara Reconstructors; and many other freelancers.

The governor said the administration will continue to have constructive exchanges of ideas with the Kwarans on various platforms.

Michael O. Stutler