Garment Makers Association turns ten

The Ghana National Garment Manufacturers Association (GNAGM) celebrated the tenth anniversary of its establishment.

The event, themed “Skills Development as a Means to Tackle Youth Unemployment and Improve People’s Living Conditions”, was held in Ho, capital of the region of China, on Monday. Volta.

It brought together hundreds of members from across the country, and organizers told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that a last-minute attendance restriction had become necessary to avert logistical disasters.

Mr. Mohammed Omar, National President of the Association, instructed members to rejoice in the progress made barely a decade after its formation, listing technical support to manufacturers, establishment of an institute with the Scientific Research Council and Industrial (CSIR) and progress on the construction of a training complex and hostel.

He said the training and development of members remained a priority, and therefore noted the government’s efforts to develop the informal sector through investments in technical education.

Mr. Omar was appointed as a member of the Technical Education Council to help design a curriculum for the incoming skills training component of the Free SHS program.

He praised the government for “realizing the need to include the informal sector” in the initiation.

He urged the leaders of the different areas of the Association to follow the nascent movement towards training facilities and help establish permanent centers and hostels across the country, as other associations such as as the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT).

The Akatsi district leadership was thus recognized for taking the initiative to localize the training center project, and others were invited to follow suit.

The President told the GNA that although the Association has been among the main beneficiaries of government financial support programs for small and micro-enterprises (SMEs), financing remains a major challenge for the informal sector and appealed to sustain capital flows.

He also mentioned the low rate of business registration among entrepreneurs in the sector, and said initiatives needed to be devised to stimulate envy.

He added that the garment industry has the potential to turn the country into a major production hub and should be taken into account.

The GNAGM left the National Association of Tailors and Seamstresses of Ghana in 2011, and the tenth anniversary celebration honored past and present leaders who have contributed to emancipation and progression.

Fundraising was organized for the construction of the ongoing National Training Center in the Western Region, which would include apartments, conference rooms and parking.

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Michael O. Stutler