Iranian Clothing Brands Will Replace Western Brands in Russia

Iranian companies mainly produce leather garments, shoes and bags and plan to enter the Russian market within three years.

Western clothing brands that left the Russian market due to sanctions and the war in Ukraine could be replaced by Iranian brands according to a proposal made by the Russian Shopping Centers Council (RCSC).

According to the Russian state-run TASS news agency, RCSC chief Oleg Voytsekhovsky met with representatives of Iranian business associations at the Iranian Embassy in Moscow, where it was agreed that a replacement of Western clothing brands with those Iranians could take place. within three years because there are a number of organizational problems that must first be resolved.

“Russia is interested in opening stores with products from Iranian manufacturers, but several issues need to be resolved in the process of bringing them to Russian retail, so this is unlikely to happen this year,” he said. Voitsekhovsky said in a statement.

As a starting point for cooperation with Iranian producers, at least 30 outlets are expected to start operating in Russia. Iranian brands will also be included in the assortment of existing clothing and footwear chains, he said.

“Iranian manufacturers want to expand their business in our country, but without additional investment, for example, through a local dealer who will buy goods. There are no well-known brands in Iran that are recognized in Russia, so money and time will also need to be invested in brand building and marketing support for products,” the head of RCSC said.

The RCSC also said that it is necessary to solve the problem of logistics to promote brands. The best option seems to be the “slow” routes, which will take longer, but cost less.

“While logistics and certification issues are still unresolved, there is no certainty that manufacturers will be able to price their products within the price ranges common to the Russian consumer,” the official said. ‘organization.

Russian department stores, meanwhile, are ready to showcase a range of Iranian products. At the same time, they made it a condition that the manufacturers themselves would have to invest in the launch of local branches with their own management offices and in advertising.

During the meeting, representatives of the Russian side got acquainted with the product range of several factories in Iran – mainly leather clothes, shoes and bags in different price categories.

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Source: TRTWorld and agencies

Michael O. Stutler