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Dyeing is one of the most polluting and expensive processes in the fashion industry – and Jeanologia, a sustainable solutions textile company based in Spain, is looking to minimize environmental impacts with its new Colorbox which transforms the process dyeing clothes.

Colorbox is a sustainable alternative that streamlines garment dyeing and guarantees high color reproducibility, as well as minimal environmental impact, thanks to an automated process that saves 60% of water and chemicals; 45% energy savings; 76% salt savings and reduction in resource use and waste water pollution.

Enrique Silla, General Manager of Jeanologia, said Colorbox not only drastically reduces the use of water, chemicals, energy and salts compared to traditional garment dyeing processes, but also allows a lower environmental impact measurement score and reduced production times for brands.

Colorbox by Jeanologia.

Jeanologia explained that the main cost of dyeing clothes is the cost of reproducibility. With its Colorbox solution, the firm claims that it is possible to achieve “perfect reproducibility the first time with high quality products, [which leads to] reduced production times. Its technology also creates the possibility of dyeing the product at any time during the manufacturing process, allowing a faster response to customer requests.

Silla said, “This allows us to reduce product color decision times, reducing turnaround time to between two weeks and 48 hours compared to the 18 weeks required in traditional processes.


As part of World Water Day on March 22, the company recently released the results of its annual Ecological Savings Count which measures the amount of polluted water diverted from rivers and seas, thanks to its technology. Jeanologia saved more than 18 million cubic meters of water in 2021, which is enough to ensure the annual human consumption of 1 million people.

Carbon emissions have also been measured and mitigated through its technology: Also in 2021, Jeanologia saved 83.8 million kg of CO2 emissions, the amount captured by a 100,000 acre forest and comparable to what would be eliminated by 5 million trees.

As for the future, Jeanologia continues to work towards “MissionZero”, the elimination of 100% of the waste generated in the manufacture and finishing of blue jeans, from the fabric to the final garment, they said, with the aim of “reducing water use to near zero – and returning clean water to nature.


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