Jimin to RM: BTS Boys’ Personal Fashion Styles and Favorite Clothing Brands

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When appearing in their music videos, photo shoots, and live performances, BTS has been known to dress colorfully. The members of the group have established themselves as fashion icons despite their stylists. Each of the seven members of BTS grew up to have their own sense of style that reflects who they are as individuals.


Starting with the eldest, Jin’s style is often neat and refined. One way to achieve this is to wear the color pink with confidence. However, when wearing something more casual, Jin keeps things basic and maintains his looks by wearing an oversized hoodie or t-shirt.


Japanese streetwear brands like Visvim and Mastermind Japan are Suga’s favorites. He also frequently wears high-end clothing, accessories and bags from Gucci, Balenciaga and Cartier. Suga likes comfortable and oversized outfits as he likes to keep things casual.

J Hope

J-Hope is regularly spotted wearing streetwear brands; his favorite is Supreme, but he also frequently wears Yeezy and Off-White. However, Hobi sometimes adds high-end designer brands to the mix. The end result is one of the best airport fashion trends of 2018.


Over the years, RM’s style has changed considerably, but a recurring theme has been to try out unusual styles and boldly combine many items. Her fashion sense is hard to categorize as it ranges from streetwear to softer, almost bohemian looks, reflecting her personality.


Jimin frequently wears a baggy shirt tucked into tight pants, which is the pinnacle of cool and stylish attire. He finishes his look with an edgy blazer or a pair of square-rimmed sunglasses. Jimin also occasionally combines his favorite designer, Gucci, with other outfits.


Among the BTS members, V has the most distinct style. He frequently wears Gucci clothes made in Italy. V likes to wear loose sweaters and pants for her more casual appearance. Designer belts, bags and ties are among her must-have accessories.


One of the most carefree members of the maknae is Jungkook. Her preference for affordable fashion can be seen in her love of the H&M and TOPMAN brands. Jungkook has been observed wearing streetwear from companies like OBEY and Off-White. With his simple yet elegant outfit, he perfected the look of the lover.

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