Migrant workers turn to alcohol in Tiruppur, clothing exports hit

Chennai, March 23 (IANS): Migrant workers in Tiruppur district, Tamil Nadu are turning to alcohol leading to work absenteeism in textile units leading to loss of garment production.

Simran Ray, wife of migrant worker Arjun Das from Uttar Pradesh, told IANS: “My husband is only 28 and we have two children. supply by the owner of the textile company. However, lately my husband has become an alcoholic and life has become miserable. He does not visit the factory regularly and is now on the verge of losing his job.

Chairman of the Tiruppur Exporters and Manufacturers Association, Muthurathinam, told IANS: “Workers in the northern and eastern states are hardworking and have finesse in their profession. bad habits like the locals and were always on time for work, but lately they have slowly but surely become alcoholics.”

Migrant workers working as tailors earn around 4,500 rupees a week and most of them being single, slowly turn to alcohol during their holidays and gradually become alcoholics, he added.

R. Velusamy, president of the loom unit owners’ association, told IANS: “Northern workers are preferred because they don’t negotiate wages. A large number of migrant workers are employed in loom units in Palladam, Mangalam and Thekkallur.”

Muthurathinam and Velusamy said migrant worker absenteeism and lack of interest has led to a lull in the production of these units. This has affected the export of materials from Tiruppur which is the knitting capital of the country.

Muthurathinam said, “The garment export industry has returned to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic, but this lack of enthusiasm among our majority workers, who migrated here, has affected us.”

Michael O. Stutler