NBA 2K22 clothing brands coming to the game have been confirmed

NBA 2K22 will be released this month and the clothing brands that will be in the game have finally been confirmed.

The game of basketball has a lot of pressure to succeed due to the fact that many players were not satisfied with NBA 2K21.

Developers need to go back to some of the older games to see what players enjoyed and hopefully the latest game in the franchise will be a hit.

Clothing brands are huge in the game, especially in the popular career mode which lets you create a player and turn them into one of the best in the sport.

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Apparel Brands Coming to NBA2K21 Have Been Confirmed

Tons of clothing brands love being involved in games like NBA 2K21. This is due to the fact that it will be like an advertisement for their product and sales will definitely increase if players see their items in-game.

We have seen the popularity of the songs increase due to their presence in NBA 2K and also in FIFA. For this reason, we see that NBA 2K normally has a hard time choosing which brands will be in the game.

The list of confirmed clothing brands in the game are as follows:

  • 2H set
  • After school special
  • ?
  • B/R (launderer report)
  • Billionaire Boys Club
  • blue the great
  • Chief
  • Bricks & Wood
  • Butter
  • Carrots
  • Circulate
  • Colorblind
  • Notions
  • Crocodile
  • Daniel Patrick
  • Sun Mak
  • Do not disturb
  • GLD
  • grumpy gentlemen
  • Herschel
  • hyperfly
  • To glide
  • Just Don
  • Kidsuper Studios
  • Last heavy
  • Marathon clothing
  • Marlet
  • Over time
  • Very Clean October (OVO)
  • palm angels
  • Patta
  • Pigalle
  • slam
  • Uniquely
  • Stay calm
  • Tfiom
  • union
  • Visitor
  • Wanderers of Wolverhampton

We haven’t been shown any images of this garment yet, but if there are any on social media, we’ll provide the photos here.

There are many good brands and also some surprises like the Wolverhampton Wanderers football team. The Premier League side will be very happy to be in the game, and it could attract a lot more fans for them. This is the confirmed list so there will be no more new additions.

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