Ready-made Garment Makers See 50% Increase in Orders | Indore News

Indore: Ready-made garment makers in Indore, a hub for small and medium-sized garment makers, have seen a more than 50% increase in bookings for the upcoming wedding season, the highest ever of the last two years.
The drop in Covid-19 cases and the ease of restrictions imposed by the pandemic have allowed people to hold extended wedding ceremonies and invite an unlimited number of guests, increasing demand for clothing.
Most apparel companies are booked at least two months in advance ahead of the wedding season which will run until July 1.
Indore Readymade Textile Dealers Association President Ashish Nigam said, “Order bookings are very high this season due to weddings and Ramazan. After a long time, we have seen such an encouraging leap forward in weddings from our traditional markets. Orders increased by more than 50% compared to the previous two seasons. »
Weddings and Ramzan are the peak season of demand for sales of ethnic clothes and outfits. Garment makers increased capacity utilization expecting to touch pre-Covid-19 levels this season due to high order volumes.
Indore is a major trading hub for ready-to-wear garments and supplies across the country with Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh being the major markets sharing over 60% market share.
Akshay Jain, a ready-to-wear manufacturer and retailer based in Indore, said: “We are fully booked for the next two months. Order volumes this season are the highest in the last two years and we expect demand to increase further as weddings are no longer held on a restricted basis. »
There are around 1,200 garment manufacturers in Indore. The Readymade complex in Pardeshipura is a hub for garment manufacturers housing around 125 units. TNN


Michael O. Stutler