Sharon Stone keeps Basic Instinct dress ‘hermetically sealed’ in garment bag

Sharon Stone neatly tucked away the iconic white dress she wore in Basic Instinct.

In an essay for InStyle, the Casino actress shared that she kept the vast majority of her clothes from the 1992 film, including the outfit she wore for the infamous leg-crossing scene.

“I still have most of the wardrobe too. I donated a few pieces to charity, but so far I’ve kept the white dress and coat,” she explained. “It was zipped up in a garment bag on set, and it’s never been opened since. I broke the zipper, so it’s hermetically sealed like a very cool piece of art or time capsule. “

Sharon went on to note that she enjoyed collaborating with costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick, on Catherine Tramell’s character’s wardrobe, and even wrote into her contract that she could keep all of the clothes from the production.

“I couldn’t believe how exciting it was and all the amazing costumes that were made just for me. I put in my contract that I could keep the clothes. People thought I was crazy, but the The truth is I wasn’t. I won $500,000; Michael (Douglas) won $14 million. So keeping my suits on was a really smart thing to do.

Michael O. Stutler