Six talented mom-founded clothing brands you need to support

As a first-time mom to a 7-month-old daughter navigating this brave (and exciting) new world with her, despite my writing/reviewing beauty, design, wellness, and apparel products for nearly a decade now – since its birth, I have noticed that all my priorities have changed. This has benefited not only me but more importantly my baby. More than ever, I’m looking for talented BIPOC creators, sustainable missions, organic and natural products, and especially things that bring us more joy. These are values ​​that I want to pass on to my daughter and that she learns to be a more conscious consumer and to support independent manufacturers and creators. To my mom friends, these are my must-have clothes as a mom.

Baby clothes:

Despite choosing from a mountain of clothes and outfits, my husband and I kept coming back to specific brands. We absolutely loved it Luna Cay for their soft and durable bamboo pajamas. Founded by busy mother Ashley Malone, she said she was motivated to create this clothing line due to a gap in the market. “I founded a baby sleepwear line that promised uncompromising quality, safety and durability, in a convenient, set-it-and-forget-it subscription format that delivered the right size at the right time. These gender-neutral designs are stretchy, durable, and best of all, easy to clean (especially with accidental ones’poonamis‘). These aren’t just great for naps, but also for travel and leisure – all thanks to the double-sided zipper that makes changing baby easy.

Meanwhile, Cubbiekit is a sustainable, circular subscription founded by fellow mum, Salwa Khan, which I recommend to many mums and dads who lament that their LOs outgrow their clothes in less than a week (thanks to all those growth spurts) . Parents take a quick quiz that suits your needs and the site then recommends an assortment of outfits (all gender neutral and made from organic cotton). When baby grows with these clothes, they can simply send them back to where the brand will donate them to families in need or recycle the clothes. It’s such a brilliant program and personally, I really enjoy teaching LOs about fast fashion waste and how this brand combats this issue.

7am is a posh mom’s dream. I often get pulled over on the street because other parents do double takes and then ask me where I got that darling plush blanket of, this elegant and super cozy poncho of, or this adorable bear mittens and hat defined from. Founded in 2002 by French designer and mother of three, Rebecca Campora – her designs are on trend and functional. She’s also a huge animal advocate, which is why all 7AM items are offered vegan and cruelty-free. the toasted plush blanket keeps my baby bundled up in freezing weather and is water repellent; the poly-insulated k-poncho a game-changer because it can quickly attach to baby carriers and even offers hidden panels to keep mom’s hands warm; and the cub beanie and mittens set in a fuzzy oatmeal color and features an adjustable snap closure and elastic cuffs so you don’t lose the gloves.

Clothes for mom:

With my postpartum body, there was no way my pre-pregnancy swimsuits could fit me. Admittedly, I was also bothered by my tears and stretch marks. Walk in Lying in snow to help me not only get ready for summer swimming, but also make me feel beautiful. Named after founder, Becca Ingle’s daughter “Lainey Snow”, the collection includes one piece swimsuits for women, mini rashguard girlsand boys trunks offered in vibrant colors. Besides nailing that cute family aesthetic, the cuts on women’s swimwear in particular are incredibly flattering and comfortable to wear. Style Tip: Swimsuits can also double as a great bodysuit and can be worn with a pair of your favorite jeans.

After giving birth to my baby, I needed something to help my body recover postpartum. I wanted something supportive with compression, but that wouldn’t cut off my circulation, and yet could be flattering and comfortable to wear – finding all of these in one garment was no small feat until I discovered belly banditit is collectibles for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Founded by “entrepreneur sisters” Jodi, Lori and Kari Caden in 2008, their first claim to fame was the first to be recommended by a doctor. postpartum compression band. Since then, the business has grown to offer a range of must-haves that include nursing outfit, Athletics, maternity clothes, underwear and more. Top recommended items include their flattering, street-style compression biker shorts (which look like an elegant and supportive hug); their nursing bra top (which can also be used at the gym for light workouts and yoga); and fitted lightweight, breathable corset (which was crucial in my recovery to help release pelvic and back tension while sitting).

During pregnancy and postpartum, I assumed I wouldn’t be able to wear a fitted dress, not because it wasn’t physically possible to put one on – but that design was often unforgiving for the body: it could be less than flattering, feel restrictive and very impractical (especially when nursing a baby). Luckily, I was proven wrong when I was presented with this sleek and minimalist Little black dress with zippers under the arms for breastfeeding on demand by sunday etiquette. Founded by Katie Callery, her decade-long creative marketing expertise and subsequent pregnancy in 2019 led her to found Sonday The Label in 2021. Armed with design savvy and mommy experiences first hand, the brand is ethically produced and carefully designed to fit into your wardrobe, meaning the pieces last beyond pregnancy – this includes nightgowns, bras, t-shirts and more. Perhaps the best part is that many of these garments are timeless, quality, and honor your body through all stages of life. Additional recommendations include this roomy playsuit with functional buttons and that soft and fluid nursing dress with a neatly cut V-neck for easy feeding and pockets to carry baby’s teether, snacks, your phone, etc.

Michael O. Stutler