textiles: affected by competition, the clothing industry seeks a technological upgrade | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: Faced with major competition from industries located in other states, micro and small units of garments and textile products in Ludhiana place high hopes in the next government of Punjab to equip them with the latest technologies by launching new programs .
Harish Kairpal, Chairman of the Ludhiana MSME Association, said, “The garment and textile industry in Ludhiana, which was once the leader in the country, is now lagging behind other states. This happened when the new units that appeared in other states, especially in South India, adapted the latest technologies. We therefore ask the new government that comes to power in March to pay special attention to the technological upgrading of existing units in Ludhiana and to support us financially to adopt new machines and technologies.
Narinder Mittal, Secretary General of Ludhiana Business Forums, said, “Ludhiana’s textile and apparel units are rapidly becoming uncompetitive with similar units in other states. The production cost of the textile and apparel industry in other states is decreasing due to the adoption of new technologies. We have already suffered greatly as a significant percentage of the total activity of the garment and textile units in Ludhiana has been taken over by industry in other states. It is high time for the state government to take proper measures like launching an unconditional technology upgrade fund program for old units so that we can easily adopt new techniques.
Atul Saggar, General Secretary of the Ludhiana Garment Manufacturers Association, said, “The new state government can save the garment units by subsidizing the purchase of new machines and opening a technology upgrading center. who can guide the garment units on the latest technologies. This center should also provide assistance for the purchase and installation of new machinery.

Michael O. Stutler