The best plus-size clothing brands for men 2022: from Asos to Lacoste

Dressing up a fuller figure is no small feat. In fact, for those with larger or taller bodies, fashion can often prove to be a less friendly place. But facts are facts, and data gathered from the Office of National Statistics indicates that men have been getting taller and wider as far as surveys can trace… so might as well look good while we let’s do it, don’t we?

Established plus-size model and body positivity activist Raúl Samuel dedicated the early years of her career to exposing fashion’s lack of representation in hopes of changing the game. He says of the matter: “Put simply, it needs to be done. We all have bodies and we all want to love them.

But, alas, the pace of this change is slow, especially in the realm of menswear where the issue is often less discussed, and toxic masculinity still hangs over its hideous shadow. Samuel agrees, saying, “A lot of men don’t talk about their body image, almost like they’re not supposed to feel a certain way because of their identity as a man. Regardless of that, all men dress and all men feel things about themselves, so we are all aware of our own self-image.

He continues, “The conversation has definitely started for menswear, but the inclusion narrative is definitely more established in womenswear. Progress is being made, but it’s so much slower, especially in luxury fashion. When it comes to runways, the dialogue is only really driven by new designers like Ed Mendoza and Bennet Loveday, who I’ve had the good fortune to work with.”

What are the best plus size clothing brands for men?

As the luxury market begins to wake up to the current trend of inclusiveness, the current king of the plus size game is high street. samuel quotes H&M and asos as its go-to for casual wear with their dedicated “Big & Tall” expanded size selection, while Burton leads the charge on the dress code side with its expansive plus-size tailored couture collections. But more on that later…

What should we keep in mind when buying plus size clothing?

“It’s really simple,” says Samuel, “Ignore everything you’ve been told. Ignore the old school rules and don’t lean on black because it’s ‘slimming’. Be bold, be shine and gravitate towards clothes that put a smile on your face. After all, it’s an old cliché, but the best accessory is always confidence.

With that in mind, check out GQ’s pick of the best plus-size clothing brands for men…

Michael O. Stutler