The best Spanish clothing brands to add to your wardrobe

From high street stalwarts to luxury designer brands, there are plenty of Spanish clothing brands that are sure to add some European flair to your look.

Chances are you’re already shopping at the best Spanish clothing brands without even realizing it. Zara and Mango have become two of our staples for affordable catwalk-worthy fashion, but there are plenty of other brands like Zara that deserve some attention as well.

Whether you’re looking for everyday basics or a stunning dress, Spanish clothing brands have you covered. Like the best Scandinavian clothing brands, you can choose to add minimalist styles from Massimo Dutti to your capsule wardrobe, or go bold in Desigual’s eclectic collection, there’s something for every budget and every taste. styles.

Besides ready-to-wear favourites, Spain is also home to iconic designer styles. Whether it’s the Manolo Blahnik stiletto heel made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City or one of the best designer bags, the coveted Loewe Puzzle bag, Spain has no shortage of luxury designs that became instant classics. Just like the big French clothing brands, these brands have a certain classiness to them, so if you need a pick-me-up in your wardrobe, we’ve rounded up the best Spanish clothing brands to get you started.

The best Spanish clothing brands to browse

The best Spanish clothing brands chosen by our fashion editors


Models wearing one of the best Spanish clothing brands Desigual

(Image credit: Desigual)

Founded in 1984, Desigual’s head office is based in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Known for their playful prints and adding brightly colored clothing to closets around the world. Desigual offers fun, free-spirited fashion in its stores in 72 countries. They’ve also earned some serious sustainability credentials with initiatives like phasing out single-use plastic, using up to 50% sustainable fiber by 2023, and aiming to become a carbon-neutral company. by 2050, making it one of the best sustainable clothing brands in this edition.

The fashion editor’s favourites…

2. Lowe

Models walk the Spring/Summer 2022 show of Spanish clothing brands Loewe

(Image credit: Getty)

This Spanish fashion house (pronounced “lo-weh-vay”) defines itself as having an obsessive focus on craftsmanship and unrivaled expertise with leather. Since 2013, the brand has operated under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson and the brand marks this as the start of its new chapter, embodying a bolder and more playful visual identity. If you buy one thing, make it the iconic Puzzle bag, introduced by Anderson in 2015 and worn by Beyonce.

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3. Mango

Models wearing Spanish clothing brand Mango

(Image credit: Mango)

After Zara, Mango is probably one of the most recognized Spanish brands. With a mix of stylish pieces, on-trend dresses and designer-inspired accessories, it caters to a wide range of fashion tastes and we doubt you’ll leave any of their stores empty-handed. Featuring some of the best midi dresses, the 2022 collection is packed with throwback prints, bold colors and easy-to-wear silhouettes to satisfy any fashion craving. They also have a well-stocked plus size collection.

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4. Massimo Dutti

Models wearing Spanish clothing brand Massimo Dutti

(Image credit: Massimo Dutti)

Founded in 1985 by designer Armando Lasauca, Massimo Dutti is a Spanish fabrics company specializing in cashmere and wool products and renowned for its refined twist on wardrobe basics. Although originally aimed at menswear, the brand entered the women’s market in 1995 and hasn’t looked back since. Expect high-quality sweaters, stylish pieces and streamlined accessories, all in a chic color palette.

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5. Stradivari

Models wearing Spanish clothing brands Stradivarius

(Image credit: Stradivarius)

Often described as Zara’s younger and cooler sister, Stradivarius is more affordable than its sleek but slightly lesser-known sibling. Although aimed at a younger market, there are wardrobe essentials for all ages as well as trendier purchases. Perfect if you want to nail all the 2022 fashion trends without spending the cash, the collection is guaranteed to inject some fun into your wardrobe.

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6. Zara

Models wearing one of the best Spanish clothing brands Zara

(Photo credit: Zara)

Undeniably Spain’s most popular store, Zara needs no introduction, but it wouldn’t be a roundup of Spanish clothing brands without this iconic high street hero. Zara has everything from affordable basics to slightly more expensive on-trend pieces that look like they’ve come straight off the catwalk (their designer dupes will have you doing a double take). With accessories that kill too, we dare you to walk into Zara and not find something you love. Even the Duchess of Cambridge can’t resist a purchase from Zara.

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