The leader of Aurora IP with the ambition to brighten up Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry

/EIN News/ — HANOI, Vietnam, June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cat Tuong Group is known as one of the leading real estate developers with a series of big projects in Vietnam. However, few people know that the leader of such a large real estate company is a very young and ambitious CEO.

Since the very first step into the real estate market, Mr. Tran Quoc Viet, Chairman and CEO of Cat Tuong Group, has nurtured the ambition to build a modern and synchronous industrial park, oriented towards humanity and sustainable development.

Aurora IP, established in 2015, realizes its dream of making Vietnam a hub for the global textile and garment industry. Located in the northern province of Nam Dinh, the cradle of Vietnam’s textile industry, Aurora is one of the few IPs in Vietnam that meets the legal requirements and qualified utility infrastructure to accommodate fabric dyeing establishments.

According to Viet, the existence of a “bottleneck” in the weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing process of the garment and textile industry makes Vietnam largely dependent on imported fabrics. This situation has drastically reduced the incentives for the development of this sector, especially since production is fragmented, production times are lengthening and transport costs are increasing.

“Aurora IP presents my aspiration and that of the Cat Tuong Group in contributing to building a methodical, high-productivity and modern textile industry and towards green, clean and sustainable development,” he said.

first leaderModern “green” textile IP

Aurora’s infrastructure is designed in synchrony with the country’s largest water supply and sewage treatment system capacity as well as complex social infrastructure development.

With a total phase 1 area of ​​approximately 520 hectares, Aurora IP developed by Cat Tuong Group, aims to build an industrial park specializing in textile dyeing with a green – clean – sustainable development orientation that guarantees the improvement of the living standards of the local community as well as a favorable working environment for experts and workers.

As the world faces many post-pandemic difficulties and challenges, Aurora IP still affirms its unique appeal and the value of a well-designed infrastructure.

“Creating different values ​​of Aurora IP to provide investors with the best experience in a safe and sustainable investment environment, especially in the textile and apparel field, is not easy. But we believe that with our experience and the favorable policies of Nam Dinh province, Aurora IP will be able to provide an investment environment that meets the expectations of global investors,” Mr. Viet stressed.

big ambition

Forayed into the real estate industry when it was frozen (in the period 2010 -2011), but with his vision and insight, Mr. Viet and his associates established the Cat Tuong Group and “weathered the storm” and have now become one of the reputable real estate players. real estate investment and development companies in the market.

“Cat Tuong Group has great ambitions and creativity to chart its own course while prioritizing humanity and sustainability at every stage of project development,” Mr. Viet said.

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Chairman and CEO of Cat Tuong Group

Chairman and CEO of Cat Tuong Group

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