Top 7 Jiu-Jitsu Clothing Brands

Whenever you start a new business, especially an activity of a sporting nature, what is the one thing that always makes you more excited to stick with it? That’s right, a new set of clothes to go with it! Whatever the activity, having the right clothes can make all the difference. Whether it’s clothing for training or competition, you need options that will work with you. This is even more true with jiu-jitsu, as you need to be free to move around to get all the perfect holds, guards and tackles! Plus, you have to serve up looks on and off the mat, right? In this article, we’ve collected our top 7 favorite jiu-jitsu clothing brands into one article for you, so take a look and see if any of them might work for you.

What makes good jiu-jitsu clothing?

So what should you look for when it comes to clothing for your jiu-jitsu practice? Well, that will partly depend on whether you practice Gi or No-Gi jiu-jitsu. For No-Gi, you’ll want to wear workout shorts and a rash shirt. With Gi, you will most likely wear a traditional white or blue uniform over these items. Later, once you have developed your own style, you may be able to choose your own Gi color and style. Most often, for your first lesson, you will receive a temporary Gi. After deciding if this is the sport for you, you can choose your own Gi.

The basic requirements for your workout clothes are that they protect your skin from the mat, that they flex and move as you workout, and that they are strong yet breathable. This goes for workout clothes as well as competition clothes, so keep that in mind when browsing our list.

Some things to avoid with your jiu-jitsu clothing are pockets, zippers, buckles, and belts. These allow you to be caught much more easily, but can also put you or your opponent at a much higher risk of injury.

Favorite brands

  1. flowhold: This San Diego-based company specializes in clothing ideal for MMA, surfing, and any type of grappling sport. With a variety of Gi, shirts, shorts and accessories, you can find something perfect for your sporting needs! You have casual t-shirts, rash guards, ¾ sleeve t-shirts and tank tops. This company’s Gis are a major vibe, decorated in a cool SoCal style. Shorts are the “fundamental” style that is perfect for jiu-jitsu, and then you have hats, sweatshirts, and even flags! With cool, high-quality clothing at fair prices, Flowhold is definitely our top pick.
  2. Gold BJJ: This is another US-based company, designed by martial artists for martial artists, that sells Gi and No-Gi workout apparel. With long and short sleeve lycras, training shorts and spats (a base layer… like leggings), you can find plenty of comfort and mobility. As for the Gis, they have a few options, one of which is one of the lightest on the market. Of course, you will also have a variety of accessories to choose from to complete your Gold BJJ collection.
  3. Origin: Made in Maine, USA, Origin has garments for the mat and off, and are meant to be worn hard. There are a variety of gis, rashguards, shorts and gaiters to choose from, with or without compression. You can easily adapt your wardrobe to your workout style and needs! This company is keen to keep their stock made in the USA as much as possible, so if that’s your thing, then this might be your brand.
  4. ShoyoRoll: If you’re a big fan of streetwear-style clothing, then this Los Alamitos, CA-based luxury jiu-jitsu brand may be right up your alley. Most of the gis ShoyoRoll sells are limited-edition styles, and they’re released in drops, just like high-end streetwear. Although they are of very high quality, they are generally not used as often on the carpet. However, their shirts, shorts and rash are also great quality and super fashionable without the “limited edition” accessory that would keep you from wearing them while working out.
  5. FUJI Sports: Since 1969, FUJI Sports has kept martial artists well dressed during competitions and training. Part of their team are Olympic champions, so you know it’s good quality. From gis to shorts, t-shirts to lycras (and all kinds of accessories), you can find everything you’re looking for to equip yourself for your jiu-jitsu practice and competitions.
  6. Venum: Whether you’re looking for workout, competition, or casual wear, Venum has a bit of everything in fun styles. With team members drawn from all kinds of martial arts, these garments will work as hard as you do and stand up to the pressure. You will be able to find gis, accessories and a variety of shorts and shirts that will make you feel like you can take on the world.
  7. Tatami Fightwear: This is a neat European brand, for anyone looking for a great jiu-jitsu clothing brand in Europe. Tatami Fightwear offers stylish, high-quality clothing options for Gi and No-Gi competitors, from rashers and shorts to gaiters and gis. They also like to create collaboration collections with musical artists and associations, so there are always cool designs to look out for.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right brand of jiu-jitsu clothing for you and your style shouldn’t be too difficult. Feel free to try a few from our list or branch out and explore other options! With a little time and patience, your new favorite clothing brand for your jiu-jitsu practice will reveal itself. Remember, you need to find a brand that fits your budget, that offers clothes that fit you well and move with you, and that will make you feel better in and out of the cage!

Michael O. Stutler