Vegan clothing brands you need to know

Price: 65 € | linen fox


One of the most established sustainable clothing brands, thought work with factories that meet the standards set by the International Labor Organization and use natural fibers and recycled polyester (made from plastic bottles) throughout their range. Although Thought uses wool in some products, it offers an extensive line of 100% animal-free products for vegan customers.

Wired choice: Once you have worn (or touched) a Fairtrade Thought shirt, there is no going back; Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, they are a super soft and time-tested wardrobe staple.

Price: £60 | thought


As advocates of radical transparency, Everlane is an important player on the sustainable fashion scene. We love how he breaks down the origin of each piece of clothing and how it was secured. Be aware that Everyone is not a vegan brand and uses wool, cashmere and silk in both men’s and women’s ranges, but they do have some great vegan cotton blend sweaters that are a great replacement for wool.

Wired choice: It’s notoriously hard to find vegan knitwear that’s as appealing as wool, offering natural insulation and regulating body temperature. This cotton-nylon blend cardigan has all the chunky, soft appeal of a wool knit, while being vegan.

Price: £93 | Everlane


KOMODO have pioneered the sustainable fashion scene for years and, as well as using a range of natural and recycled fibers, maintain close contact with their factories for transparency well above the norm in the fashion industry in general. Although it offers woolen clothing, the team makes a point of not sourcing wool from countries that practice muleteerand have a good range of vegan knitwear for men and women.

Wired choice: Another great alternative to wool, KOMODO’s GOTS-certified organic cotton sweaters – like this Hasan colourway, pictured – are perfect for layering up in style.

Price: £70 | KOMODO


ECOALF is another pioneer in recycled fibers, many of which, like recycled polyester, nylon and cotton, are 100% vegan, as well as recycled wool. It recovered more than 700 tons of waste thanks to its Upcycling the oceans project and uses post-consumer coffee grounds to provide a quick-drying natural finish, UV protection and odor control to some of their garments.

Wired choice: ECOALF provides detailed information on the fibers used in their products (which, in the case of these classic Duoro pants, is a blend of organic and recycled cotton), as well as clear labeling for vegans and a mini sustainability report for each individual item.

Price: £110 | ECOALF

Lucy & Yak

Local British brand Lucy & Yak makes brilliant unisex overalls and pants from sustainable, mostly vegan fibers (though it does use recycled wool in some products). In addition to her dedication to transparency, safe working conditions and ethical compensation, she is strongly committed to anti-racism initiatives and size inclusivity.

Wired choice: Made from GOTS certified organic cotton twill, these fun ‘Original’ dungarees are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes.

Price: £45 | Lucy & Yak

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