Youth Garment Factory welcomes Grenadians to see their unique fabric

Photo credits: Facebook page of the Ministry of Youth and Sports

Grenade: The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture of Grenada has shared the profile of the country’s Youth Garment Factory. The ministry said the factory is known to manufacture the product concept Grenadians in reality.

The Youth Garment Factory in Granada is a garment manufacturing company whose goal is to take your product concept (idea, sketches, designs) and bring it to life.

They are famous for creating different attires such as dresses, shirts, vests, kids clothes, corporate clothes and many more. Spice Fashion and Design Cooperative Limited specializes in wearables such as dresses, shirts, vests, children’s wear, corporate wear, bespoke suits and bags, among others. the creations.

They also offer assistance with sketches, illustrations, pattern making, t-shirt and uniform design and production, as well as wholesale and mass production.

On the heels of the Christmas season, a wide variety of curtain styles and designs are also available. Spice Fashion has a highly skilled team that includes extremely skilled fashion designers, pattern makers and seamstresses.

The Ministry of Youth, Development and Sports has shared contact details for Garment Factory, and Grenadians can contact them today to place orders. 473-442-7397

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture also shared the price list of their various outfits.

The price list includes:

  • yellow swimsuits– The dress influence people across the country due to its different and unique appearance wearing style. People can buy the outfit for $80. The outfit will be suitable with a hat for the price of 40$.
  • Men’s suit– Men across the region can collect the appearance for $125.
  • Chef costume- The skin is dedicated to bosses, and it can be picked up for $150
  • Black pants- Pants are something that is loved by everyone. It has always remained in fashion, especially when it is black in color. This will cost the customer $75.
  • kitchen curtain- There are many things that could decorate the kitchen beautifully. It will cost the customer $35-40.
  • Upholstery curtain- The curtains will cost the customer $85
  • Regular curtains- When decorating the kitchen, it will cost the pockets from customer $40-$75
  • Full swimwear- The swimsuit will cost $85
  • Swimsuit– It will cost $70
  • Cushion covers- The pillow cover always gives a beautiful look inside the houses. Pillow covers will cost customers’ pockets $25.
  • Cushion- The pillow will cost $40
  • Scrub Top – It will cost $45
  • Uniform brownie- The uniform is specially designed for Grenadians doing different jobs in different sectors. It is one of the unique and special products of the factory. In order to give a different touch to the outfit, it is made with authenticity. The outfit will cost $75
  • Double-sided tote bag – The tote bag, made up of a double format, will give authenticity to the appearanceand will cost $70.

Michael O. Stutler